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Better Travel Together

Counting down to our 1-year honeymoon / around the world trip.


We are @bettertraveltogether.
2 Belgian soon-to-weds with a love for travelling.

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Visa Sri Lanka

Visa Sri Lanka

Always check the >> official website << for the latest information about Visas in Sri Lanka. 3 types of visa in Sri Lanka Tourist visa with Double Entry for 30 days* Business visa with Multiple...
How to start a travel blog in 12 steps

How to start a (travel) blog in 12 steps? [Guide]

As most of you will know, Yentl is a web developer at Respux. He has had multiple blogs ( ,,,..) and now we started this Better Travel Together journey together. How do you...
Antwerp central station outside by Better Travel Together

Antwerp in Lonely Planet “top cities to visit in 2018”

Last week Lonely Planet published their famous top 10’s for 2018. Amongst the many lists, they have a “top 10 cities to visit in 2018”. We weren’t really surprised. However, we were flattered that at...

New Year’s resolution 2017: travel every month!

Last year we made a challenging New Year's resolution: our goal was to travel every month. It could be any duration or any destination. The only rule was that it couldn't be in Belgium. January:...