About us

Hi! We are Katrijn and Yentl.
A travel couple: just married, both in our twenties, both with a love for travelling.

We met in 2013 in Toledo (Spain) during our Erasmus adventure.
Ever since we are travelling the world.

Katrijn Verrezen


Katrijn grew up travelling with her parents (mostly in Europe). One could easily say she was travelling before she could walk..


  • Applied juvenile criminology
  • Human resources & sales

Bad habits

  • Grumpy when hungry


  • Do more of what you love
  • Don’t be a 🐛, be a 🦋.

Yentl Geldmeyer


Yentl took his first plane ever going to Greece on his 18th birthday. Ever since he loves travelling to new places.


  • Secondary education teacher:
    Mathematics & computer sience
  • New media & communication technologies
  • Digital marketing

Bad habits

  • Impulsive online shopper


  • Never not eating
  • The cheaper, the better

Why do we blog?

In 2018 we started our blog. Why you ask?

Because we got married.

After our marriage we went on a 1-year-honeymoon to Asia and Oceania. We wanted to keep our family and friends up-to-date and that’s why we launched our blog. But that’s only half of the truth.

We also wanted to generate an online income. Something we can work on when-ever we want and where-ever we are in the world. It will never be big money, but hopefully (in a few years time) enough to fund our travels (and the costs of the blog itself 😉 )

So far we’re not really earning any money with it. Unless you count the €5.22 Yentl has earned with Google Ads in the past 2 years from his various blogs.

How will we earn money with this blog? You can read it all on our support us-page.

Where have we been?

So far we've visited 30+ countries. Want to know which ones?

What's next?

Which countries or cities will we visit next?


What do we want to do in our lives or which places do we want to visit someday?

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