Day trip from Hong Kong to Macau with the HZMB bus

The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge

The new HZMB (HongKong Zhuhai Macau Bridge) connects Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai (China) since Oktober 2018. As we both are not that fond of boat trips we decided we wanted to try this new bridge for our day trip to Macau.

We didn’t find that much (usefully) information online, so that’s why we’ll go in a bit more detail than usual in this post. For all general information and up-to-date pricing, you can consult the official HZMB website

How to get from Hong Kong to Macau?

There are plenty of options to reach the gambling crazy city of Macau. 

You’ll see immediately why we chose the HZMB bus instead of the ferry. Cheap and no seasickness. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to get there (compared to the nonstop bus coach or ferry).

Downtown Hong Kong to immigration

As we were staying in the Kowloon area (Micro hotel; the cheapest downtown Hong Kong hotel we could find with decent reviews) we had to get to the bridge first.

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You can take any ‘A’-bus as they’ll all go to the airport, but the easiest is bus A21 or NA20 (night A20) as you won’t have to change busses at terminal 1 or 2 and it’ll take you directly to the migration offices of Hong Kong. 

Price for a one-way ticket: 33 HKD ($4). Returnticket is 50% off if you use an oyster card and return on the same day.

When you arrive at the ‘Hong Kong bounder crossing facilities’ you’ll have to present your passport and the little paper you got when you entered Hong Kong.

When you pass this checkpoint you can buy your shuttle ticket for 65 HKD ($8). It’s 70 HKD between 23:59 and 6:00.

Passport control + buying your ticket won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

You just follow the signs for Macau and you’ll be guided in the right queue. 

The shuttle bus takes 35-40 minutes to cross the bridge. Not only will you not be troubled by seasickness, you’ll also get to enjoy the sea from a different perspective. 

The bridge is 55km of amazing views.

The Macau side of the bridge

The shuttle drops you off just outside the immigration building. Just follow the signage and you’ll end up in a huge hall with over 30 immigration desks. Hand over your passport and you’ll be granted entrance for 90 days. Depending on your home country you might have to get a visa in advance, but most countries have a visa exempt.

Once you’re through immigration you can take any of the following transportation methods:

  • taxi
  • a local bus (bus 101x and 102x stop at the hzmb building)
  • a free casino shuttle bus

Macau has over a hundred different, free shuttle busses. Each and every one of them is sponsored by one of the casino’s, so they’ll drop you off close to their casino. If you need to be somewhere specific, just search for a casino nearby and use google to find out their free shuttle.

At the hzmb building there are 2 main shuttles going to the 2 ferries. Macau outer ferry and the taipa ferry. We took the one to the Macau ferry and walked from there.

We’ll write down what we’ve visited in Macau, but feel free to do whatever you want. If you just want to know the easiest way back you can read that at the end of this post.

Macau city

So we started walking at the Macau ferry and we headed south, past the Legend Palace Hotel and the Lotus Square towards the Grand Lisbon. You can continue visiting the following highlights in a beautifully Portuguese influenced city:

  • Macau Museum
  • Ruins of St. Pauls
  • Senado Square
  • St. Augustine’s Square
  • St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church
  • Mandarin’s House
  • Macau Tower

We went further to the Grand Emperor Hotel where we took the free shuttle to Studio City in the Cotai area.

Cotai area

This is the area in Macau with the most famous, the biggest and the craziest casinos/hotels:

  • Studio City is a palatial cinema-themed high-rise hotel.
  • The Parisien has a ‘small’ version of the famous Eiffel Tower.
  • Inside The Venetian, you can sail in an authentic Italian gondola with a singing gondolier as if you are in Venetia, Italy.

When you are only in Macau for one day, you have to stay until it’s dark. All the lights of the casino’s lit up after sunset en it’s magical!

Of course, you can also stay in Macau, but don’t expect it to be cheap. Want to check the hotels and prices in Macau?

Return to Hong Kong

After spending the day in Macau (without losing too much money in the casino) we returned to our hotel in Hong Kong.

  • Free shuttle from the Parisien to the ferries
  • Free shuttle from the ferries back to the HZMB building
  • Shuttle bus over the HZMB bridge
  • Local bus A21 back to Micro hotel
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Sushi Mae Magallones
Sushi Mae Magallones

Thank you for this very helpful information. 😊


hi i like to ask about going back to HK, my last trip in Venetion i knw that is a free shuttle bus from Venetion to MACAU ferry terminal right? so once i arrival, is there any shuttle bus from Ferry Terminal to HZMB terminal back to HK???

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