New Year’s resolution 2017: travel every month!

Last year we made a challenging New Year’s resolution: our goal was to travel every month. It could be any duration or any destination. The only rule was that it couldn’t be in Belgium.

January: Amsterdam

We started off the year in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Even though it’s not even a 2-hour drive, we both had never been there in our lives. We stayed in a hotel outside of Amsterdam in Sloterdijk. It’s way cheaper to stay there and you can take the train or tram to the city centre (which takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on traffic and waiting times).

You can read all about this trip in our upcoming blog post!

February: Berlin

Another city we both had never visited! 2 hours on a plane later we landed in Berlin. We stayed for 3 days in the ‘Three Little pigs hostel’, which cost us just a bit over €100. Good thing we had our walking shoes, as we walked over 120km in those 3 days!

Things you must see in Berlin:

  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • The Berlin Wall
  • The Brandenburg Gate
  • Memorial of the Murdered Jews
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March: Barcelona & Dublin

In March Katrijn went to Barcelona on a school trip she organises. Yentl went on a boys trip with his friend Leander to Dublin. Seeing they’re having a (Dutch) beer blog together, we don’t have to explain why a visit to the Guinness brewery was the highlight of their trip.. πŸ˜‰

Guinness beer in the brewery in Dublin

April: London

One of our best friends was doing an internship in London. There couldn’t be a better reason to revisit London. It’s always way more fun to visit a city with a ‘local’.

New things we’ve done:

  • We went to ‘The Grand’. A club with theme nights. Disney theme nights! You first watch a Disney movie and afterwards you will party in that exact same location. We were lucky to go there the night they played The Lion King. Awesome!
  • Another awesome place we went to is Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnal Green. The street view of this bar makes you think it’s a dilapidated house. On the inside, however, it’s a really vivid bar with lots of great cocktails. The menu changes daily. Don’t know what to choose? The waiters are so skilled they’ll give you something you will like for sure based on a few questions. They gave Yentl a cocktail based on egg yolk. Something he would never pick, but it was heavenly!

May: Toledo, Spain

Probably the best trip of our lives. We went back to the city where we met in 2013. Toledo, the old capital of Spain. Not only was it awesome just to stroll through the cosy streets of the city we love, but something special happened as well.

Yentl’s mom was begging for a nice photo of the two of us for a long time already. With that in mind, we went to the nicest hill on the outside of the city to take a photo of us with our beloved city in the background. Little did Katrijn know that Yentl was about to propose to her…

Proposal Toledo

Want to see the video of the engagement?

The rest of our New Year’s resolution

Curious if we finished our resolution? You might have read about our trip to Plovdiv or the Christmas market in Aachen already, but we’ve visited some other cities too πŸ˜‰

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What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2018?


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