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We’ve been working at Tomorrowland (Global journey helpdesk @ Dreamville) the past 6 years and the single most asked question from people at Dreamville is: “where is the nearest supermarket outside of Dreamville?“.

Of course, we know that there is a supermarket inside Dreamville but there are a few smaller issues with it:

  • It’s more expensive than a normal supermarket (due to costs for cooling, transport, etc.)
  • There is often a huge queue.
  • Where is the alcohol?

Closest supermarket

In general, the closest (big) supermarket is Carrefour (Molenstraat 83, 2841 Rumst). They tend to stock up daily with the necessary goods (breakfast, drinks, ice cubes, and alcohol). It’s about 15 walking from Rainbow 1. Starting at rainbow 2 it’ll be closer to 20 minutes walking.

Disclaimer: these time indications are dependent on the amount of alcohol in your blood.

Carrefour Dreamville Tomorrowland

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Other options

  • In Boom, there is an Aldi (Kerkhofstraat 385, 2850 Boom). It’s a cheaper store and tends to sell out less fast than Carrefour. From Rainbow 1 it’s 20 minutes walking.
    Just head towards the festival and instead of entering the festival turn right about 100 meters before the entrance of the festival (ask someone for Aldi and they’ll tell you how to get in that street [Dirkputstraat] if you can’t find it).
  • In Boom, there’s a Colruyt as well (the biggest supermarket) in the Papensteenstraat 1, 2850 Boom. To get here you’ll have to walk 15 extra minutes from Aldi. That is a total of 70 minutes (back and forth). Only do this if the urge for alcohol is really too big. You could also grab a taxi from Rainbow 2, but that might get expensive.
  • Finally, there are some people (locals and bars) selling breakfast in the streets around Dreamville. Just stroll around a bit and you can find a good (and healthier) breakfast for around €10. Café Den Bierstal is the closest bar to rainbow 1 that I know that sells breakfast.

Keep in mind / FAQ

  • You can’t enter Dreamville with glass bottles, so don’t forget to bring plastic bottles if you plan to buy alcohol in the supermarket.
  • Last year you could buy a bag of ice cubes at Carrefour for €5/bag. They sold out fast.
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