Colectivo from San Cristobal de las casas to Chamula

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Many people want to visit Chamula in Chiapas, Mexico, for the beautiful church.
Tours from San Cristobal start at 300 pesos (€15) each. We paid 72 pesos for both of us and had a real, authentic experience with locals. We even had the privilege of being there during Semana Santa (Easter week).

There are many different colectivos going from San Cristobal to the nearby cities. A colectivo is basically a shared minivan that leaves every 5-15 mins, depending on the passengers. They have a fixed price for the entire route.

They all have a different starting point, but most of them start at the Mercado region in San Cristobal. At your destination, the departure will be at the same spot as the arrival.

The colectivo San Cristobal – Chamula leaves at Calle Honduras (according to Google maps near number 15) the price is $18 (~€1) per person per way. It was just around the corner of our hostel Casa Caracol (ran by a German couple with a son) so very convenient for us.

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