How we use Pokemon Go on vacation

Pokemon Go whilst travelling? Yes!

As you can read in our blog post How to save money during your city trip, we almost always do a ‘free walking tour’ on our first or second day of the city trip. That means we’ll know quite a bit of the history of the city afterwards and that we’ve seen most, if not all, of the important squares, buildings and statues.

That’s when Pokemon Go comes in handy.

On the map in the Pokémon Go app, there are 2 different kinds of markers. Pokéstops and pokégyms. The pokégyms are the important buildings like churches, governmental buildings and such. The Pokéstops indicate statues, fountains, wall paintings or even the most random things. As you probably figured out by now, that’s what we’ll use.

You don’t really need to play the game, you just have to look at the map and click on different Pokéstops. If something noteworthy comes up in the name or image you can navigate towards it. Simple as that.

Another way to use it is by zooming out on the map. If you see areas with a lot of stops and gyms that means there will definitely be some hidden gems of the city.

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PS. If you are a die-hard Pokémon Go player then don’t forget to turn on your app while you are exploring the city and hatch those eggs 😉

How to use Pokemon Go on vacation
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