Celebrating Christmas in Aachen, Germany

After we’ve celebrated Christmas in London last year, we thought it’d be great to pay Germany a visit this year. Aachen, Berlin, Koln, Dusseldorf, or maybe somewhere else?

Yentl saw a great deal passing by on Facebook: A&0 (hotels and hostels) was offering hotel stays at 2 euro per person per night. He randomly picked Aachen out of their destinations as a surprise for Katrijn.

We then booked a train ticket to Aachen Hauptbahnhof and off we went. Katrijn could still buy a go pass 1 in Belgium (6 euro per fare + 2,2 fee as it arrives in another country) as she’s still under 26. Yentl had to pay around 50 euro for a return ticket.

The hotel was super close to the train station (as in 100m down the road). We dropped off our luggage, asked for a map and went into town.

Video summary of our trip to Aachen

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Places to eat or drink in Aachen

Breakfast at cafe zum Mohren

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We’re not sure if you can actually call it a breakfast at 11.30am, but still. Katrijn ordered a breakfast with croissants and Yentl ordered some raspberry & chocolate cake. Because Katrijn couldn’t resist the awesomeness of Yentl’s cake, she ordered a ‘Rahbarbar-tarte’ as well.


Being Belgians we’re always sceptical to eat French fries somewhere. Frittenwerk tries to deliver Canadian street food. The Canadian kitchen has had a big influence by other kitchens throughout the centuries. It won’t surprise you that they have Mexican, French and American dishes. All main dishes have (variants of) French fries and have different toppings. Varying from Mexican a styled portion with guacamole and tomatoes to pulled pork or a typical Canadian poutine.

The food was delicious. The overall design, location and atmosphere in the restaurant made it a must visit for anyone looking for a quick and cheap meal, with lots of fresh ingredients.

Christmas market

The internet told us the Christmas markets closed at 8, so we went there first. And, as usual, the internet was not right. We have no idea when it actually closes, but certainly not at 8. 😉

At the Christmas market, there is a huge variety of stalls. Of course, there are the famous gluhwein and bratwurst stalls, but don’t forget to pay the crazy ducks, the chocolate or the Christmas dolls a visit.

You definitely cannot visit the Christmas market without eating something there. Whether it’s the famous bratwurst, a Reibekuchen (a big version of Rösti: delicious), gluhwein, cacao (hot chocolate) or just some candy, you just have to try something typical. Below you can find a gallery with images of all kinds of Christmas stalls. Feel free to dream away…

Note to self

Don’t try to visit the Christmas market on Sunday. It’s closed. Or perhaps it was closed because it was Sunday the 24th, the day we left..

Enjoy Aachen if you’re going there for Christmas, we will be in Dubai this year!

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