Our worst hostel night so far

Great title, right? Well, so was our first night in Canberra, the capital of Australia.


We left Melbourne for Canberra at 11 pm, so we arrived around 6 am in Canberra. Way too early to check in (2 pm) at our hostel, YHA Canberra. Thanks, Greyhound busses!

As we didn’t really sleep on the bus, we fell asleep on the couch in our hostel when we were waiting for the check in time.

Check in

At 2 pm we could finally check in. Room 301, a 10-person dorm room. The room was very big with a terrace and had 2 Australian residents who had been there for a few weeks already. Our other roommates were 2 Danish girls, 1 German girl and 1 Russian girl. After us an Italian and Britisch guy checked in our room as well.

We always love it when there are many girls in our dorm, as they tend to snore less.

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We had a nice talk with our roomies and afterwards went into the city to buy some groceries.

Skyfire Canberra

Every year in March a local radio station funds fireworks over Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. The fireworks are synchronised to a music soundtrack which is broadcast on the station. The event is called Skyfire.

Because of Skyfire, our hostel (YHA Canberra) held an event. Free sangria on the rooftop and afterwards we would all go together to the lake to check out the fireworks.

Most of our roomies didn’t want to go. Only the Russian girl joined us.

Sangria on the rooftop

We had a few glasses of white and red sangria on the rooftop. As we hadn’t had a drink in a very long time, we were happy there were some crisps as well.

When we were about to leave for Skyfire the Russian girl told us she’d rather stay in the hostel as she met a nice guy from the UK who wasn’t going either.

We went to Skyfire with around 20 other people from the hostel and it was a great event with very nice fireworks.

Our best night ever

We returned to the hostel at around 10 pm and had a few more drinks at the rooftop. At 11.30pm we returned to the dorm to find it empty (besides the 2 snoring residents).

Great, they’re snoring. It took us half an hour to fall asleep as they were snoring very ‘irregular’.

At 1:30 AM we were awoken by a weird noise from the Russian girl who had entered the room. Luckily, I fell back asleep, but not for long.

30 mins later I was awoken once again by the Russian girl, but this time she was accompanied by the Britisch guy. They were literally having sex in the (top) bunk bed at the other side of the room. Good thing he didn’t last long and I fell asleep again.

Wake up, baby!

Our lovely Russian roommate had set an alarm clock at 5 AM to check the hotair balloons. Only, she didn’t wake up and everyone else did. Katrijn walked over to her bed and woke her up and told her to turn of the alarm. She did eventually.

She snoozed it 5 times. At 5:30 am she finally left the room with her stuff and didn’t re-enter afterwards.

At 6:30 AM the Italian guy had to leave and at 7 we all decided to get up as well.


That’s when we noticed the horrible smell on the other side of the room. Remember the weird sound at 1.30pm? Apparently, our Russian friend wasn’t that good at drinking vodka as we all thought.

She had vomitted in her bed (lots of it) and on the floor as well. Before the Brittish guy joined her in that bed, that is.

We also noticed that the guy who was sleeping below her wasn’t awoken yet so we let him sleep, removed the sheets and threw them in the laundry baskets.

2 hours later he woke up and told us he didn’t notice anything as he is deaf and turns off his hearing apparatus at night.

YHA Canberra

We’re not sharing this funny story to blame YHA Canberra, as they did a great job. As soon as they knew they came to clean the room with chemicals and a hot water steamer.

Sometimes you’re lucky when you sleep in a dorm, sometimes you’re not…

What’s your worst (or best) hostel experience?


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